The Best Amazon Black Friday 2017 Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

It’s time! Black Friday is creeping just around the corner, so get ready to save major money before the holiday season hits. Although Thanksgiving isn’t until the end of the month, the biggest online and in-store retailers are announcing their biggest deals of the year to prepare for Black Friday. And in fact, websites like Amazon have already kicked off some of their hottest sales to allow bargain-hunting early birds to get the worm. The Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week sale is finally happ

Why Lemony Snicket & Lisa Brown Don't Shy Away From Darkness In Their Children's Book

I've always been drawn to books and poetry that delve into "taboo" topics. Even as a child, the stories that didn't always have a happy ending were the ones that caught my attention. So, it doesn't come as a surprise when I say that I was intrigued by the works of bestselling author Lemony Snicket, a.k.a. Daniel Handler. Together with his award-winning illustrator wife Lisa Brown, the two have been immersing readers in an imaginative world for years. And, during this time, Handler and Brown have

11 Clever Mother's Day 2017 Gifts

With Mother's Day 2017 only a few weeks away, it's time to hit the stores for the most perfect gift. Don't worry though, there are a ton of clever Mother's Day 2017 gifts for you to choose from whether you're browsing the shops or searching online. It's important to think about what you wish to get the amazing woman you're celebrating this Mother's Day. You don't really want to pick up flowers and buy another fancy necklace for mom this year, do you? If that's what she truly loves, go for it. B

The Clery Act: An Inside Look At Josoph Henry

Before Josoph Henry raped and murdered Jeanne Clery at Lehigh University three decades ago, he spent a brief time on the Seton Hall campus participating in an academic program as a high school student. In an exclusive interview with The Setonian, Henry, a Newark native, said he visited the South Orange campus while he was a student at University High School in the 1980s. While no details survive of how much time Henry actually spent at  Seton Hall  or what he did while he was here, his actions

Will 'New Girl' Return For Season 7? The Season 6 Finale May Serve As A Permanent Goodbye

The Season 6 finale of New Girl is almost upon us, and many fans are questioning whether their favorite show will be coming back for a new season, especially considering the fact that FOX has yet to announce a renewal. So will New Girl return for Season 7? Turns out, the April 4 finale may serve as a permanent goodbye for the series. You may fear that you won't get the closure you need from the intertwined story lines of Jess, Cece, Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. I mean, how could the show go six

11 Period Red Flags You Shouldn't Hesitate To Call Your OB-GYN About

You may think you've got your period down pat. You know the warning signs, symptoms, and the usual ins-and-outs of it. You are familiar with the way that your body naturally functions. What you may not be familiar with is a new flare-up and the looming results of certain medical conditions. It turns out, there are also some period red flags you shouldn't hesitate to call your OB-GYN about. Because it's always better to be safe than sorry with period red flags. In an interview with Self, medical

Millennial voting: Students face the stigma

For many students, the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is the first election they will be eligible to vote in. But recent polls show that many millennials don’t care enough to do so. According to the Pew Research Center, 46 percent of millennials [ages 18-35] voted in the 2012 presidential election, compared to 61 percent of Generation X [ages 36-51]; 69 percent of baby boomers [ages 52-70] and 72 percent of the Silent and Greatest Generations [ages 71 or older].

LGBTQ community finds support in ALLIES club

In just the last week, increased dialogue surrounding the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) community at Seton Hall has led 10 additional students to join the ALLIES club, a safe space for the LGBTQ community and its supporters on campus. ALLIES, now consists of 20 members, including the 10 who just joined. The group is advised by the Associate Dean of Students, Winston Roberts, from the department of Student Life. “The hope that I have for the ALLIES at SHU group is for th

Paris attacks strike home for SHU students

The Nov. 13 ISIS attacks in Paris resonates with Seton Hall sophomore Sarah Rizvi, who knew American victim, Nohemi Gonzalez. Rizvi’s family resided in El Monte, Calif. for 50 years now, the hometown where they formed their relationship with Gonzalez’s parents. “It was really hard for them to process,” Rizvi says on her family reflecting on the death of 23-yearold Gonzalez. Rizvi added that her mother and relatives went to school with Gonzalez’s parents since kindergarten. Gonzalez was a Cali

Shoo, Don’t Bother Us

Summer at the Jersey Shore is in full swing, and there's no better (and healthier) way to enjoy an August day than playing outside with the kids. Along with popular outdoor activities like biking, hiking or cooling off at the beach, however, comes the company of seasonal pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, and bees. While local stores offer bug repellent and bite and sting treatments, there are a variety of ways to take further preventive measures to ward off insects. Stephanie Reynolds, D.O., medical director of Riverview Medical Center’s Emergency Department provides insight on how to deal with the summer sting.